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Orphan Help 2023

Praise Yahuah! The volunteers of Orphirfa from Charleston, SC volunteered in packaging care kits for Midlands Orphan Relief (MOR). Thanks to everyone’s donations, we were able to give hygiene products and undergarments to MOR. We would like to encourage everyone to continue their support for future community outreaches! 

More About OPHIRFA


Provide basic supplies and services to ease the burdens of the homeless members of our community, children in need, improving our communities, and help in caring for abandoned animals.


OPHIRFA is a non-profit organization providing supplies for those in need, helping charitable causes, and conducting religious services to strengthen the resilience of members in our communities since 2017.


Whether you contribute financially, with supplies, or share this website to others, you make a real difference. We humbly request your assistance. Remember, small efforts can lead to big effects!


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Happy Fall Y’all! For the month of November, the orphirfa.com of Charleston SC partnered with Guardian Angels Residential Care facility of North Charleston, SC happily provided 26 pre-packed hot meals for the Ronald McDonald House in Charleston SC. Special appreciation to Barry and Bonnie Janke for allowing us to utilize their DHEC-approved kitchen.

If interested in our religious efforts, please visit our Church of Yahusha website.

Previous Projects

Helping orphans by providing supplies in South Carolina 2022!

Helping With Food – 5 Nov

Beach Cleanup – July 2021

For this month of July, a non-profit organization (OPHIRFA) along with the Church of Yahusha in Charleston, South Carolina participated in a beach clean up. The team cleaned Sullivan’s beach in Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina. They collected two bags of trash from Station 16 to 28 1/2.  This small effort improved the look of the local area and improved the environment for both beach-goers and wildlife. This proves small efforts like this can lead to big effects!

Helping Pets In Need – 20 March 21

Thank you for helping us! Our small effort made a big effect in improving the care for needy animals in Colorado, Illinois, South Carolina, and Virginia. We were able to buy over $400 in supplies to help these areas. As you can see our small efforts can lead to big effects!